and btw—Bernardin’s advice on writing POC superheroes…perfect! I would argue that this becomes a lot of what goes wrong when non-POC creators write POC characters, and when non-women write female characters…  they keep telling the audience over and over and over again who it is that is speaking, because somehow it needs to be completely different than the way they’d normally write. (Ty will sometimes hand me a comic and demand, “Read that!” and eventually, I throw it back and announce, “male writer”.)

Waaaay back when Bernardin suggested that he didn’t understand why casting for the Spider-Man movie wasn’t open to non-white actors, I got into more than one argument with people who kept maintaining that you couldn’t have a POC because “then you’d have to mention it”. It would be a plot point, it would derail the rest of the plot, blah blah blah. 

Can it be a plot point? Can there be dialogue about their status, about the reality of their world? Yep…but I am sick to death of white male creators telling me that they can’t write non-white non-male characters because then it only would be about the character’s status/identity.